About the process

The entire StoryTiles collection has been designed by founder Marga van Oers since 2013. In each collection, she also works together with other designers to bring diversity to the range. Piece by piece, the tiles are cut by hand and then baked in the Netherlands in traditional ovens. So 100% Dutch design and heritage. The tiles are baked at a very high temperature and are therefore heat and water resistant. As a result, they last a lifetime and can also be tiled in the kitchen and bathroom. The StoryTiles collection of plain tiles has been selected to create a unique kitchen wall, bathroom or fireplace in your home combined with StoryTiles.

The tiles come with a hanging system included so you can hang them directly on the wall. They are available in 2 different sizes: Small 10 x 10 cm and Medium 13 x 13 cm (some in Large 20 x 20 cm), the medium size is the same as the original old-Dutch tile.