Bird Lines


Bird Lines

Follow the lines and find the birds, they’ve come from all over the world. Look at how different and beautiful each of them is. Made in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London. This tile collection was made in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London. These unique birds were found by Marga van Oers in the depths of the collection?



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Start an interior tile project with the selected sets. These designs made by Marga van Oers or in collaboration with one of our designers are perfect for every bathroom or kitchen. Each design is made in a tableau of 2 till 9 tiles which can be used to create a complete story in your integrated tile wall. Combine these selected sets with the plain tiles to tile the perfect interior story. All tiles are UV, heat and water resistant. Each tile is unique, as it is hand baked and shaped.

The selected sets* come in very cool cardboard packaging and are available in two sizes: Small 10x10cm Medium 13x13cm

*The selected sets have a hanging system at the back and can be used as art pieces as well.

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