Perfect balance


Perfect balance

This is a two-in-one mini by StoryTiles. Place the mini using the magnet or hang it on the wall with the enclosed hanging system.
Hold your position and cue the perfect balance! Dive into the deepest oceans and meet this synchronized duo. This tile was inspired by the unique Kyrtus indicus fish and is part of the underwater world collection, created by StoryTiles in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London.


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Enjoy your two-in-one mini tile. This mini tile loves refrigerators and other iron surfaces. Use the magnetic back to place it.
Prefer using the tile as a decorative art piece? Simply wet the enclosed hanging system and paste it at your chosen height. The system will enable you to hang the mini tile on a wall.


This mini tile loves attention. Please give it a nice place.


This design is made in collaboration with the Natural History Museum (London)

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Mini 6x6cm




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